Skirtcraft is working on our 2nd unisex, large-pocketed design: the Aqueous Skirt.

We had a survey earlier to get input on the product. Based on your feedback, we've moved the zipper from the rear to the right side.
This is the Aqueous Skirt. Like our first design, it's a unisex skirt with large pockets, belt loops, and a unique style. How the new design stands out: (continued)

1. Simple, natural style. There are only two seams - both curved. They start at the pockets and spiral downward around the skirt to the hem.

In an earlier version, there was a third seam in the center of the back which contained the zipper - but that seam has been removed, and the zipper has been moved to just behind the right side pocket.

2. Flowing weight. Heavier fabric adds privacy, wind resistance, and greater comfort when seated. But heavy fabric is often stiff, not draping smoothly. This skirt has a lighter-weight cotton outer layer, and a lining that's heavier, but smoothly flowing. Separating the weight into two lighter layers also reduces the stiffness.

We will probably have a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for an initial manufacturing run of the Aqueous Skirt. It will be made in the U.S. We won't know the price until we get manufacturing quotes, but you will receive a skirt from the initial run if you back the project at a certain level.

Assuming the price is in the range of $50-75 (USD), will you be likely to back the project to receive a skirt? *

Do you have any other feedback to share, that you haven't already? (scroll down to skip)

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